Thinking out the body


Photo Credit: Bekir Dönmez on Unsplash

We become patterned throughout our days, almost locked into our own heads, hardened to the world around us.  We are engaged in thought and distracted from being. While in this mode, we are oblivious to our body and less attentive to our emotions, as well as the emotions of others.  

Each one of us has our own unique holding patterns, different ways that our body’s frame itself when in different states of mind.  It’s a unique sculpt to our body that changes as our focus changes. The body adjusts as our attention adjusts. Our body is always trying to keep up with where our busy ego-mind is.  The symphony of thoughts creating a rhythmic physical response. The body-mind connection is amazing. And we can learn to use it to our advantage.

You can reposition your body into a calm state to help calm your mind.  Use your body to trick your mind. A relaxed body confuses and alters a stressed-out mind.  Bring your attention to areas of your body that are fastened tight and then consciously reposition them.  Drop and unclench your shoulders, let your jaw hang, soften your forehead, open your hips, let your neck loosen and drop into gravity.  Each physical adjustment is a very simple and effective method to adjust mental activity. Consciously adjusting your body is a short-cut out of ego-mind.  It is a meditation in itself.

You can even use this technique to defuse anger.  The next time you are in a conflict with someone, take a deep breath, lift and unwrinkle your forehead (the forehead has a strong connection with thought), drop your shoulders back (opening your heart) and soften your eyes, mouth and throat. You will notice an immediate shift in yourself.  Try this next time you are really angry or frustrated. As simple as it sounds, it may seem nearly impossible at first. The ego’s hold on thoughts takes a really strong hold on our body, so you need to trick your nervous system into altering your response to certain stimuli.

We have two different types of nervous systems our sympathetic nervous system (SNS), which controls our fight, freeze and flight response, and our parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), which makes us rest and digest. By forcing our bodies and our breath into natural states that occur with our PNS, we can re-route our body’s response to stressful or difficult situations and deflect our ego.

Smooth out your muscles to smooth out your mind.  Become aware of your body in the present moment. See how you are holding yourself and then deliberately alter your body to induce a mental change.  Interrupt the activity of your ego and advance your wellbeing. Think your way back into your body and harmonize your worlds.