The Pain of Living in Separateness


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Our bubble is our illusion

Thanks to modern science and quantum physics, our atomic truth of unity can no longer be denied. Energetically we are all interconnected within the matrix of life. Every cell in our body pulses with the same matter that pulses throughout the universal heartbeat. When we are misaligned with our integral reality, we ache.

Ego is our means of living through the physical world.  It encapsulates us into a “self”. It is our bubble, and the mental instrument that interprets the superficial world in separate parts and pieces.  We need an ego to help us construct an identity and physically operate, however, when our ego over-insulates us into our own bubble, depression, anxiety, and stress naturally kick in.  This happens because we are abandoning our truth. Disconnection hurts like hell. The illusion pinches us off of the collective lifeline that nurses us into mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

On the flip side, when our energy is fully fastened with the collective lifeline we feel charged and in touch with ourselves, others, and life.  Those higher frequencies flow abundantly into us and we feel good. Living in our oneness, softens our ego-mind and allows life to permeate us. The more embedded we are in our united truth, the more we relate with life and life relates with us, and the better we feel.

Operating in the illusion of disconnect leaves us chemically out of sorts and in psychological pain.  It bottles us in our ego-mind, cuts us off to the wellspring of life and, therefore, therefore lowers our vibration.

If you are feeling the throb of fragmentation, un-coordinate yourself with your ego-mind and all of it’s alienating thoughts that are sustaining the false reality of disconnect.   

Here are some Ego-less tips to help you remember oneness and pop the bubble of your ego-mind:

  1. Practice viewing everyone as an extension of yourself
  2. Exercise empathy and compassion as much as possible
  3. Forgo judging others and yourself
  4. Search for the good and beauty in all
  5. Make an effort to be of service to others and participate in humanity
  6. Remind yourself that we are all equals
  7. Eat ethically and be aware of the impact that your food has on the world
  8. Connect with others on an ego-less level; smile and make genuine eye contact
  9. Try to see people beyond their ego
  10. Do meditations that help dissolve boundaries (we have some great ones on our FREE Ego-Less™ or ® or © APP!)
  11. Rewrite disassociating thoughts of your ego into reconnective thoughts
  12. Respect nature and nurture the environment
  13. Breathe through your heart space

You are not your ego and you have the power to tamper with your mind and re-affiliate with life. As you adopt some of these ego-less tips and stop neglecting your unified truth, you automatically integrate back into bubble-less reality and return to the coherence of oneness, right where you belong.

The ego is the “individuality” generator of our mind.  The part of our mind that only believes in world of “me” and enforces the boundaries of self.   The ego is the only part of us that is alone. The essence of life is connected and interconnected.  Our only opposing notions to our essence, is that of our limited senses and of course our egos. The ego is opposition to unity. When we are in ego-mind we are in “me-mind”, alone, severed, and separate – and this is where suffering happens. Detached living causes such a deep inescapable sense of inner pain because it estranges us from our own existence.  The further we are from our essence, the more discomfort we experience.

When you live in unity, you live ego-lessly.

“We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness”
Thich Nhat Hanh