The final golden nugget from another anxiety-less guru!

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Photo Credit: Alex Blăjan

Donna Davidson.  I was interested in her from the first time I interacted with her.  We met in meditation class nearly 10 years ago. She’s one of those people that oozes with personality.  One that lights up the room and effortlessly enlivens any experience. I’m sure you know the type. Donna must have the equivalent emotional intensity as 10 people.  It didn’t take long for her and I to become close friends. And my respect for her has grown immensely as I’ve learned about her loaded history and the mental health challenges she has faced and overcome along her way.  


Donna Davidson BA, HBSW, CTM, ATM-Silver

Donna is always breaking through her own limitations.  And it’s been so incredible to watch her continue to transform from the sidelines.  She is someone who is always looking to figure herself out, confront problems head-on, and become a better version of herself.  As a fiery redhead with unwavering determination to make life happen, Donna refused (and continues to refuse) to let anxiety take her down.

When I asked her to reflect back on her inner-accomplishments and tell us “what has helped you deal with anxiety in your life more than anything else on your journey to success” this is what she said:

"For me anxiety has been a real journey in learning who I am and finding my voice.  At times it has been debilitating and at times I lived with no symptoms, and everything in between. Through extensive work I became conscious that a lot of my anxiety stemmed from having my voice stifled and trying to live my life in order to please others rather than just being me.  I also came to realize that I too often took on other people’s emotions and responsibilities, that I am an empath. 

It was only through these realizations and doing the work to be who I am and not adhere to the familial and societal expectations that had been forced on me and protecting my energy that I’ve really been able to be at peace.

I learnt that both running from anxiety and plowing through it make it worse for me.  It’s the methodical and intentional work that eases it. When I was able to see my experience with anxiety from this perspective, I was able to take back my life."

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