The body-mind connection: How the body forgives a negative mind


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The body-mind connection

Good thoughts, gross thoughts, fearful thoughts, excited thoughts, sad thoughts – every thought you think creates a reaction in you.  The obedient body is always listening to the mind, and the mind is always influenced by the body. These two worlds are based on each other and constantly interchanging together.

Thoughts stimulate messages in our brain that get sent out to our glands, changing our physiology by the millisecond – which in turn, affects how we feel and then impressions our next thought.  And cycle goes round and round. This loop is like the spinning of the potters wheel that is sculpting “us”.  We are always sculpting ourselves whether we like it or not.   Unfortunately you can’t hit the mute button so your body doesn’t hear the rant coming from your freaking-out mind.  It doesn’t work like that. Your body listens to everything, and responds to every thought – and remembers everything.

The good news

With all of this being said, don’t let the authoritative power of your mind scare you.  Even if you’ve had years of trenchy attitude behind you and you’ve been sculpting a sculpture you don’t want to be – as long as you are alive you are a work in progress.  Your cells are constantly making new cells, in fact, recent studies say our body is nearly entirely “new” on a cellular level approximately every 7 years. And apparently our brain changes even more rapidly than any other part of our body.  Not to mention the light-speed energetic changes your particles are making on the quantum field at this hot second. You are literally a changing-machine.

So allow the body-mind connection truth to fill you up with hope and reassure you that today is a new day to make a new you.  Your regenerating body is very forgiving, so forgive yourself for your imperfect history. Your physical body is non-judgmental and resilient.  In this sense, let your body be a teacher for your mind. And although your past emotions are stored in your tissues to a certain degree, the physical body is always shedding and renewing.  However, if you want to consciously help your body speed up the emotional-releasing process here are some well known methods that you might want to consider to fast-track your inner repairing…

Consciously release emotion stored in your body

  • Yoga and breathwork combine the body and mind to build awareness and release hidden tension.  The yoga positions are designed to unite all of your body’s, open up blocked areas to boost circulation and energy flow and encourage ultimate alignment.  
  • Meditation moves the interfering ego out of the way so you can enter into the alpha and theta brain states where healing happens.  The ego is also the part of the mind that relives the past over and over again and holds onto old emotions, so by using meditation to disassociate from the ego you naturally progress forward.  We have many free meditations for you to use on our free Ego-Less app;)
  • Myofascial Release Massage is known to break up the fascial tissue in the body where emotion is said to be stored.   Many people experience random waves of emotion during their treatment that is followed by a spontaneous emotional response.  Even just having your sore spots massaged while you verbally talk about what has been stressing you out can stimulate a multidimensional release between your body and your mind.
  • Journal without dotting any i’s or crossing any t’s, just journal without thought and without structure.  Journal through emotions just to get them out of you and on to paper. Burn the journal if you need to afterwards.  And as you light the match, you will notice you feel much lighter. The emotional dump you are capable of unloading from the healing act of writing is seriously underrated.  Just try it for yourself. There’s no wrong way to do it.
  • Toning is when you make certain sounds (such as; Om, Oh, Ah, Aye, Eee, Mmm, Nng) to clear out your chakras (which are your energy centers).  Yes, it is a strange concept, but try it before you judge it. We live in a world of vibrations and soundwaves, so literally using the vibration of your own sound can help you move energy and push certain frequencies out of your electromagnetic field.  
  • Exercise to force yourself to excrete more.  Trust that you body naturally disposes of waste, including emotional and mental waste. Move your body to intensify the elimination process and use action itself as a form of physical, mental, emotional, energetic release.

Bottom line here.

More importantly, over any of these emotional-releasing methods above, lovingly accept yourself for who you have been.   It’s all part of your story thus far. And regardless of the probable theory that the energetic traces of your past live in your muscle memory – in the big picture, you exist in the law of impermanence, the force of ongoing self-evolution.  You are shapeshifting way more than you are staying the same. So worry about deliberately cultivating new positive emotion in your body more than you worry about ridding yourself of any remaining negative emotion in your body. Remember, what you focus on expands.

Rather than wasting the power that your body-mind cycle generates on looking backwards, use it to help you move forward.  Make who you are becoming better than who you’ve been. Even if better means more self-care and self-compassion. Invest your thoughts wisely and put in the effort to build new neuropathways based on productive focuses – and your body will follow suit.  Lock your mind-set on the greatest and healthiest and strongest you there is and let your own creative nature build it into your cells.