Misery loves company (part 2): How to break out of a bad mood when you catch one

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Photo Credit: Hans Vivek on Unsplash

It’s true, sometimes we aren’t entirely responsible for our bad moods.  This is what every ego wants to hear. Sometimes your stinky mood isn’t all your fault, you picked it up from someone else’s emotional stinkyness, as if they coughed their negativity all over you and now you’re infected with it, it’s racing through your system and your energy decibel has plummeted into the ground after being in contact with them.  

Often when this happens you find yourself thinking words that you don’t even normally think, in negative ways that you don’t normally think in.  Your entire inner world is out of context and you feel foreign to yourself and your state. Why do I feel so negative right now?  

Truth is, pointing the finger at the infector will only allow the bad mood to fester longer.  Sure, you can keep tabs on people who repeatedly infect you and then make the decision to quarantine yourself from them – but while you sit in your bad mood right now, self-responsibility is your only medicine.  Here are some tips that can help you strengthen your energetic immunity so that you can break free from a bad mood when you catch one:

  • First of all, DO NOT gossip or talk about the person that “gave” you the bad mood.  This is how you will remain at their frequency.  Send them love, find a way to understand their emotional whereabouts, wish them well, let them go, move on.
  • Breathe it out.  Every time negative thoughts enter your awareness, exhale them away.  Release them out of your world. This will make the mind-room to construct better thought.  Positive affirmations are like popping emotional vitamin C’s, and we have a bunch on our free Ego-Less app if you like guided affirmations!
  • Follow the clues.  Use the power of a bad mood to help you find inner answers.  We only catch bad moods when something within us is unstable.  What else is bothering you? Why are you susceptible right now?  What needs of yours are you not tending to?
  • Manually repair your energy level with healthy diet, anything wellnessy, burn sage, meditate, get fresh air, listen to positive music, exercise, declutter something in your life, take a lavender & epsom salt bath, interact with an animal – do stuff for yourself that you know will help you feel better.
  • Use reverse energy psychology, send out 3 positive, thoughtful messages to people.  This will redirect the flow of your thoughts and lift you back into the positive realm.  Who can you thank for something? Who can you complement? Who can you wish good luck to?
  • Exchange it up.  Socialize your stench away, air it out, let the world around you transmute it.  Get out and about, force a state change and allow interaction to shift your energy.  
  • Go into helping someone-mode.  Bounce out of your-blah-self and redirect your focus somewhere better.  Who could use a helping hand? Who could use a good listener right now?  Who would just love a bouquet of flowers? As you step away from “you”, your bad mood will fade into the distance as well.
  • Sleep it off.  Worst case scenario, if the negativity has been unshakable and none of these give you any relief, let the zzzz’s do their magic.  Just like sleep is the best cure for a physical virus, sleep is an incredible cure for an energetic virus. But take note, if you seem to be catching a lot of these bad mood viruses lately, it’s a good indication that it’s probably time for an emotional self-check up and some of your deeper needs could use some attending to.

Hopefully this helps and you’ll be back into your good-mood boots again in no time!

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