How to motivate yourself out of a rut

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how to motivate yourself
Photo Credit: Tomas Tuma

The best way to motivate yourself when you are stuck in a rut, is to first acknowledge it.  “Damn, I’m stuck in a rut”.   Take your foot off the gas and just breathe awareness into where you are.   This is a great time to be compassionate with yourself – being in a rut isn’t fun for anyone, and we all end up in them sometimes.  Instead of letting your ego beat you up with negative thoughts, try saying nice things to yourself instead, like the type of encouragement you’d say to a good friend that’s stuck in a rut.

“I’ll get through this” “I’ll be out of this rut in no time” “I’m good at getting out of ruts”.

Before you gun it out of the rut, take the time to recollect yourself.  Rest up.  Take a day or two to gather your energy.  Give yourself opportunity to recharge so that you will have the strength you need to blast outta’ here.   This is a great time to sit back with your favorite drink and start to map out your best life and the actionable steps you need to take to get there.  

A few hearty questions that are also worth contemplating now are:

“What’s weighing me down?”

“How can I lighten my load?”

“What direction is my power in?”

CAUTION: Don’t let your downtime convert into laziness.  It’s a fine line between the two, and productive self-reflection can easily turn into unproductive inertia without an action-deadline.

Once you’ve established where you're going and have some gas in your tank - decide to end your rut NOW.  Just start doing all of the things you know you need to do to get out of this rut NOW.  No matter how sexy those excuses look, or how strong gravity feels, or how convincing the ego’s “can’ts” are – do it NOW.  Lock your attention on action and just plow forward. Don’t ease up. Don’t look back. Onward is the only direction you are heading.  Commit to get yourself out of this rut, and know that you can.  

Motivate yourself with positive self-talk and affirmations.  If you need some help doing this, download our free app and go to Confidence Island and Happiness Island for some great guided affirmations, meditations, insights, and techniques!

Start taking positive steps and don’t stop.

Remember Newton’s Law “An object at rest stays a rest and an object in motion stays in motion”.  Take a new action everyday and before you know it, you will have squirmed your way to freedom and be out in the open wilderness of life, enjoying your potential to the fullest again.