How to convince yourself to go to the gym when you don’t want to


Photo Credit: Elizabeth Lies on Unsplash

For starters, the moment you start trying to think your way to the gym you have entered into the no-gym possibility, which is a slippery mindset for someone looking to climb into a healthier life, but its a typical human mindset nonetheless.   This is when we start with the shoulds and eventually get stuck there.  Actually, we are really getting stuck in our ego-mind (which is our should-mind – the mind that thinks us through life instead of living life).  And the more you let your ego-mind “should”, the more likely you will should your way right out of going the gym today…you’ll end up thinking away the time that you could have just done it in…

The more you think about going to the gym, the less likely you will go.  Translation: the less you think about going to the gym, the more likely you will go, period.

Our ego-mind is all about comfort and maintaining life the way it is.  Change is the scariest thing of all to the ego. So even when it comes to making positive changes in your life – expect your ego to resist with an endless stream of thoughts that stall the process.  I’m sure you’re familiar with the “I’ll just do this first” ego-syndrome, where you fake-busy with small pointless tasks, instead of goal crushing.

Stop focusing on trying to convince yourself.  This entire act only summons the ego and wastes time.  Rather than negotiating with yourself, silence yourself.  Take a step in the exact opposite direction.  See if you can clear your head and not think at all for a few minutes.  Of course you will continue to think, and as you do, keep re-quieting your mind.  Shhh them shoulds.  Shhh them convincing attempts.  Shhh them everything.  Focus on muting the head debate altogether.  This will bump your ego out of decision making and open up the inner space for positive impulse to sneak through.

Start bleeping out your feelings.  You won’t hear us say “numb yourself” very often, but in this case your emotional response is likely one of habits that needs to be ignored in order for shit to start to happen in your life.  So any words or thoughts like “I don’t want to” “I don’t feel like it” “I just want to stay here” or “I’ll do this firstbest be banned from your experience.  Unless you are seriously coming down with a bad case of the runs or just fell down the stairs – harden up with yourself…it’s called tough-self-love my friend.  

Emotion beats logic nine times out of ten, so if you start relating to your emotional side, you’re already falling off the fence.  Likewise, if you don’t let yourself even feel the fence – and just look towards where you know you need to go, odds are, you’ll fall in that direction.  

Take unprecedented action.  This is really the only way to bust through that thick atmosphere of hums and haws.  And the more mind control you have, the easier this part is to do.

If you are at a point in time where you feel you have absolutely no mind control whatsoever and emotion has basically already determined that you are, indeed, going to skip the gym today – perhaps maybe you can take to the gym in your head instead and spend a few minutes breaking a mind-sweat while meditating.  This will help your tomorrow self win the battle. At the very least, do something else new and positive so your ego isn’t undefeated. Take unprecedented action today in some way.

To summarize; trade your self-convincing mechanisms in for sheer action.  And practice desensitizing yourself to unproductive emotion, such as “not wanting” to do the things that you simply need to do to have a good freakin’ life.  If you want to stock up on other tricks that can help you overcome a feisty ego, download our free app and check out some of the guided meditations and ego-less techniques;)