Creative habits that lead to positive changes


Photo Credit: Vana Ash

Much of our lives we are operating on autopilot, acting out our habits while we are submerged in thought.  This is how many of us continue to perpetuate sameness and lock up our potential. When our habits have formed themselves, they are all about sustaining our life the way it is – not about making it better.  In order to deliberately make positive changes you must begin by deliberately making new habits.

Here’s a handful of powerful creative habits you might want to consider in order to make positive changes in your life:

Shower your life with your ultimate priorities.

What are your top priorities that keep showing up over and over again, year after year.  If you were to find your New Years resolutions from 1999, 2009, and now for 2019 – what’s keeps reoccurring?  Try to narrow it down to your TOP 3-5 PRIORITIES. And once you do, shower your life with them. Put reminders everywhere; in your phone, on your wall, stickies on your mirror, in your car, in your wallet, beside your bed, on your counter, the list goes on….  

Don’t let your ultimate priorities be “out of sight, out of mind”.  Get into the habit of remembering them every day. This way you are constantly realigning yourself and your energy with what’s most important to you in the big picture of everything.

Restructure your to-do list daily

Whether you keep your to-do list on your phone, or you’re old school like me and write it down on a piece of recycled paper – take a few minutes to go over it every morning and list the most pressing stuff on top.  Shuffle down everything else. Circle or star which tasks you challenge yourself to do today, put them in an order that makes the most sense and set your intention to knock each one off, one by one.

This is a great habit to get into because it helps you efficiently operate with the randomness of life and ensure the time-sensitive stuff gets done.

Do it instead of thinking about doing it.

Oh the ego…thinking our life away…  The ego-mind is our self-talk.  The part of our mind that will sit around all day thinking about the million things we need to do, instead of getting off our keister and just doing them!  I’m sure you’ve heard the egos “should track” on loop many a time throughout your days.  It’s a human classic.

When we sit in the world of thought instead of moving into the world of action, we waste so much precious energy!  And on top of that, obviously, shit doesn’t get done. Dishes don’t do themselves, thinking about the treadmill doesn’t burn calories, and dreams don’t automatically come true.  The ego is afraid of change, and will specifically attempt to think its way out of any big action-steps you need to take for those massive changes. So to help override your ego and actually make life happen, start doing what you know you need to do instead of thinking about it.

You will find as you make “doing it now” a habit, you will suddenly become a victory machine and time will magically seem to be on your side.  You may even want to start stashing away your old to-do lists and reflect on them quarterly to celebrate everything you’ve accomplished (another great habit to get into).  Afterwards, you can treat yourself to a day or two of being to-do list free!  Imagine if your boss did that for you?!  Think of how that would boost morale.

Be while you do

Step out of the autopilot and step back into reality throughout your day.  Take a break from doing-mode and enter being-mode.  Just for a few seconds.

Where are you exactly right now and what are you experiencing exactly right now.  Be specific in your senses.

Adding mindfulness seconds into your day sharpens your mind and helps prevent getting lost in the whirlwind of our fast-paced society.  This incredibly simple form of meditation can be easily filed into daily life by turning everyday tasks into opportunities to be fully present and wake up to “where you really are right now”.  

You might use unloading the dishwasher, making your child’s lunch, grocery shopping, brushing your teeth – you name it, as meditation.  This is always great news for busy people who believe they don’t have the time to stop and meditate. Let life itself be your meditation.

Another creative way to do this, is to set up things that wake up your senses around your environment; like candles, essential oils, healthy snacks, infused water jugs, soft cozy blankets, music, mini fountain, beautiful pictures or landscapes, etc. anything that engages one of your senses.

Get into the habit of “checking in” with yourself

A great way to evolve your self-awareness and get to know who you are & where you are going on a cellular level is to be genuinely attentive with yourself.  Check in throughout the day, as a good friend would.  “How are you doing”? “What do you need?” Get into the habit of always knowing your own state.  This opens up your inner lines of communication and builds self-compassion. The more you do this, the more you will naturally know your remedies. You may want to set up a “check-in” reminder on your phone since we all know how often we check in with them!  You can use one of these below if you like.  Paste it onto your phone’s background and every time you open up your phone, you will be greeted with a friendly reminder to check in with yourself.

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