Ego-Less has just hit it’s first big growth spurt! With our official App launch date August 8th, 2018 the Ego-Less team ecstatically celebrates the opportunity to share the Ego-Less vision and wisdom with the world.

“It’s been a long time coming” the founder and co-creator of Ego-Less Inc. Karen Litinsky reveals. After nearly a decade of intense research, meticulous content creation, building an international Ego-Less network, and most importantly the integration of Dr. Adrian Robertson – the original passion project of Ego-Less System has now transformed into the unprecedented Ego-Less App.

We, the Ego-Less team are all so thrilled that our dream of delivering profoundly deep, life-changing personal developmental content in a fun and innovative way, has officially come to life! With the playful adventure theme and one-of-a-kind virtual map that includes everyday ego-remedies in the Remedy Reef as well as other animated Ego-Less islands – we have successfully revolutionized a new way for adults to internally explore and evolve.

It’s ripe. It’s ready to go. And we are thrilled.

Karen’s story

“Ego-Less was an interesting maturation of my career, or careers I should say” Karen Litinsky explains. “I basically grew up on horseback and grew into an equine career of horse-training, coaching, stable management, equine program development and implementation.” The eventual understanding of the psychological importance to the horse and rider continuum lead Karen to the creation and facilitation of many equine programs that utilized the therapeutic nature of horses to stimulate mental breakthroughs and self-esteem recognitions.

“Eventually my interest in the mind, and the manipulatable limitations of the mind overturned my equine interest and I went into Metaphysical Psychology and from there built Paradise of Reality in 2007; a wellness business that enabled me to immerse myself in bodywork and internal repair – and this of course lead me directly into the realm of the ego. That’s when all of my personal ah-ha’s starting lighting me up with inspiration. This was the key ingredient in internal dysfunction that I had been tiptoeing around.”

As a student and as a teacher, Karen lived and breathed meditation and ego-transcending practices. “For me, and many others – this work has been truly indispensable. It speaks for itself. The results are the only push you need to continue embarking down the lifelong journey out of your ego.” Karen continued to evolve her own meditation practice, teach wellness workshops and classes, perform therapeutic bodywork, execute keynote speeches, establish a successful holistic team at Paradise of Reality, all the while investing countless hours and many years in the making of the Ego-Less System. “I felt a burning responsibility to find a way to share these findings with people who are internally struggling as well as anyone interested in experiencing life without the haze of ego-mind.”

“And when my vision to build an ego-less world aligned angelically with Adrian’s heart - all of the magic started to happen. And that was the beginning of Ego-Less history.”

Adrian’s story

“I have lived a largely normal life”, explains Dr. Adrian Robertson, a specialist in Emergency Medicine, Critical Care and a Consulting Ethicist. “If there is anything unique about my life, it is that I probably suffered just enough to continually ask the critical questions of why and how can this be?” Adrian reflects as the Ego-less App is about to be launched.

Adrian goes on to explain “suffering is a part of the human condition. It is everywhere and inevitable, and that the only escape is through changing the way you understand and interact with the world. But more precisely it is how you interact with your own mind your own ego. My life, my medical training and the things I have seen in medicine, have forced me over and over to ask, how could this possibly be?”

“To really answer these questions, you can’t look directly at them” explains Dr. Robertson. “To look directly at them is to miss them, it is to let the ego interpret them for you. In other words, he explains you can not try to awaken, the act of trying defeats you where you stand. But letting the deeper mind play with the ideas of existences and suffering, without other intentions and boom there you are….”

For many years Dr. Adrian Robertson taught meditations and counselled friends and colleagues on navigating their own lives on finding peace and greater happiness, frequently being asked to write a book or teach seminars etc. Karen and Adrian first met in 2010. They met at a meditation course, which they both attended weekly for years. They became fast friends, and recognized in each other that they were both students and teachers to each other, with much to learn.

“Karen and I just work extremely well together. Call it vibrate with synergistic energies, complementary personalities it's doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we are both capable of doing more together. When Karen told me about her passion project of bringing the Ego-less teachings to the world in a fun, accessible and easily digestible form to set as many people free, to allow for more happiness and personal peace and joy, I was immediately interested. Eighteen months later we are ready to start presenting Ego-less to the world.”

“May you find what they seek, and what is seeking you find in you”.

Explore your ego on the go.

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