3 reasons you can’t motivate yourself at work anymore, and how to overcome each one


Photo Credit: Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash

There can be many reasons why you lost your lust for your work and feel under-whelmed or flat out bored from 9-5 (or whenever you’re on the clock), where your main objective is to survive in the workplace, go through the motions, “do your time”, stick it out till happy hour, and bounce! – just to come back tomorrow to do it all over again…

We all go through motivated-unmotivated phases throughout the calendar as our inspiration for life in general waxes and wanes, but sometimes you get stuck in an uninspired cycle and find yourself scrounging for tips to help you get a glimpse of that faint memory of motivation back into your work life – hence, hello!  Thank you for visiting our site;) we just might be able to rev you back up!

We are happy to share with you 3 common causes for a motivational dry spell along with some simple guidance to help you overcome each one:

1. You are desensitized to your work and work environment

Familiarity has slowly eroded your spark.  Too much sameness always equals dullness. You are too comfortable in your work-sphere.  Things are too neutralized. Your energy is puddled instead of circulating. Your motivation is sapped because there’s no new currents to ride.  

This heavy static “blah” charge needs to be disrupted in order to generate new energy.  Time to shock yourself! Switch stuff up, move things around, adjust the way you do things, try new techniques, ask for a new project, take on additional responsibility, join a work committee, trade places with someone, put up new pictures in your cubical, change change change freaking change.  Whatever you can spice up – spice up. Shifting things around puts electricity into your air. This will help you get the whiff of freshness you need to flip the circuit and get motivation flowing back in.

2. Your work thought-patterns are fixed and old

You’ve been singing the same ol’mind-tunes day in and day out.  Your habitual thinking patterns are blinding you to the awesomeness around you.  You are coming to work and thinking the same thoughts and telling yourself the same stories.  You are bored of your story more than you are bored of your job. The linear mind forms an inner tunnel vision that keeps us boxed up in meh, oblivious the possibilities surrounding us.

It’s time to smash down some of those old thinking patterns and look beyond what you’ve been seeing at work.  Open yourself up to fresh ideas, create new perceptions towards usual tasks, ingest inspiration from inspiring people, adjust the work-story your ego tells you and make it better, decide to enjoy what you do, imagine the how much worse it could be, adopt some new ways of working, welcome in foreign opinions, step into the possibilities of a beginners mind, do whatever you can to recreate the way you experience work.  We have lots of guidance, meditations, and affirmations for this kind of mind-changing stuff on our free Ego-Less App!

By shaking up how you think about work you will start to change how you feel about work and this will synthesize enthusiasm and naturally pierce into that motivation spring inside of you.

3. You can do better.

Either you can do better at work, try harder, challenge yourself more – or you can do better by finding a better job.  You should probably assume the first is true before you make any sudden leaps. Are you giving it your all at work? Are you showing work what you’re really made of?  Are you kicking ass at what you do? If not, you are leaving your potential untapped. And by allowing your potential to remain dormant you are repressing your own motivation.

Give yourself a 30-day challenge.  One month to go full tilt towards excellence.  Become the over-achieving version of yourself. Not for your boss, not for a raise, not to be better than brown-noser Sally, not for any other reason other than just to bring the joyful buzz of motivation back into your days.  This will help you cultivate volcanic momentum that will explode all throughout your life in every direction imaginable. You maxing out your abilities will only serve you and your overall greatness.

If after you absolutely, not a smidge of doubt, given 110% of yourself to be a superstar employee/entrepreneur, still find yourself plagued with lifelessness in your workplace – you may have reached a time of transition my friend.  This is when you know that your reasons for inertia are instinctual and it’s your time to move on. And if this is your case, you are opening up an entire new can of motivation – motivation to get your hinny in gear and start stepping towards something new!