10 tips to improve focus and dramatically boost your performance


Photo by Grant Ritchie on Unsplash

Focus + action = performance.  The more intense the focus, the more energized the action – the greater the performance.  Today we will target the first part of the equitation with 10 focus-enhancing-tips that will help you organically jack-up your concentration to dramatically boost performance.

  1. Prepare for collateral damage.  It’s a sure bet, as you consciously zoom in your attention, the rest of your life will be temporarily falling to the waste-side.  This means texts will be unanswered, voice mails will collect some dust, the pile of files on your desk will just have to w.a.i.t.  Be proactive and warn people, put up a “do not disturb” sign, pretend to leave the office – do whatcha gotta do to disappear for a while.  You must become okay with the fact that as you narrow your focus, life will be sitting still.  This is ok. It’s actually more than ok, because it means your doing it right.
  2. Super-focus snacks, the performance feed for the high-performance you.  Equip yourself with power-foods loaded with those good fats and fatty acids like avocado, nuts and seeds, and flaxy-fruity smoothies.  Boost your potential with foods high in antioxidants and iron, full of protein and rich fibers. This will raise the stakes of your mental abilities and fuel you up for endurance. Making sure your body has what it needs is way more important than most of us realize.  A small nutritional deficiency can seriously ‘f’ with your ability to focus. Be your own health-nut mom packing your award-winning lunch. Leverage diet to help you make the impossible possible.
  3. Blast your brain with fresh blood.  Right before go-time, take a few minutes to get your heart rate up to help you alert-up.  Forcing circulation to move throughout your systems will decongest your mind and pump out mental stagnancy.  Run up and down the stairs 10 times, do 20 jumping jacks or speed walk to and from the office bathroom until you break a sweat – it doesn’t matter what activity you choose, as long as it results in heavier, deeper breathing.  Rev up your body to rev up your potential.
  4. Once in action, breathe into your work.  Whole-heartedly unite with the task you are doing.  Imagine your breath overpowering any distractions and merging you more with the project. Like a professional athlete becoming one with their sport.  Visualize the inhalation and exhalation weaving you and your work together. This will help you deeply connect with what you are doing and add passion and authenticity into your finished product.  Let your breath help you optimize performance.
  5. Quiet your ego-mind by rejecting any thoughts telling you that you aren’t focused.  Don’t get caught up in the low vibes of “ugh I can’t focus today” “I just can’t get into this” “there’s too much noise around me” “I’ll never get this done” “I don’t feel like doing this right now”. The restless ego will find a million reasons to weasel out of focus-time.  It’s our ego-mind that interrupts the natural flow of deepening concentration.  By unidentifying with those unproductive thoughts, you automatically drift into greater fields of focus.  
  6. Water water more water will keep your attention afloat as you voyage into new realms of performance.  Staying overly hydrated will prevent your brain and muscle tissues from getting sticky and tired.  We are 70-80% water so adding water molecules into your body will only contribute to your life force.  Water has the power to neutralize, flush out and dilute viruses and negativity in the body. Water is amazing in so many ways.  If you’ve ever watched Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water experiment ( https://www.masaru-emoto.net/en/science-of-messages-from-water/ ) you might even consider putting positive words or affirmations or symbols on your water jug or glass to add “performance-water” into your performance diet!
  7. The one you’re anticipating…meditate.  The “not-so-new-these-days”, mainstream antidote to nearly all mind related problems.  Why? Because it’s true. As boring or impossible as it may seem at first, meditation is really magic for the mind – your energetic multi-vitamin.  By quieting the rowdy noise of the non-stop thinking ego, you get glimpses into your true self, your inner answers, the purpose in your heart and soul, the reasons behind pains in your life, the messages in the lessons you are learning.  Meditation helps you bulldoze new productive neural pathways and find your inner reset. By learning how to shhh your ego, you declutter mind-space for tunnel-vision focus to transpire in. If you aren’t a seasoned meditator and wanna give it a shot to see for yourself, or if you are a meditator already interested in new meditations, we have lots of guided meditations scattered around the islands on our free Ego-Less app!
  8. Start practicing laser-like-focus in other daily activities.  Improve your ability to focus by exercising the act of focusing.  Use small simple tasks you do every day as opportunities for mental boot camp.  When you brush your teeth, become consumed with the process. Let brushing your teeth become your only reality, and as your attention wanders to your to-do list drag it back into the circular action your hand is moving in, the smell of your toothpaste, the moisture in your mouth, the sounds of your toothbrush scrubbing away your plaque.  By adding this simple exercise into your life, you will significantly develop those focus-parts in your brain.
  9. Read at night, even when you’d rather watch TV.  By retiring your day with a good book, you stimulate your smart-juices for the night and prime your tomorrow’s brainpower.  Reading before bed whips your mind and cognitive function into shape while you’re off in dream land. Instead of the brain-dead sleep TV promotes, you end up with a brain-recharging sleep!  Just reading one chapter a night will help you cultivate a mind much more capable of meteor-focus. Join the smarty-pants club of night-time readers tonight and give your tomorrow self an extra cerebral boost.
  10. Master your zone – the state where time stops, genius awakes, intuition peaks, and flow just happens.  This is the alpha/theta state your brain needs to skyrocket creativity. We’ve written a whole other blog on this one because it’s really important ( https://ego-less.me/6-steps-to-stay-focused-and-get-into-your-zone/ ).  Find your zone.  Visit your zone daily.  Make your zone your second home, for it is the mind portal to your peak performance.  

Now mix these ingredients with bat-outta-hell, no excuse, full-throttle ACTION – and performance boosting is downright inevitable.  And the more you do any and all of these doable tips, the more habitual they become and you will program yourself to be the performance machine you really are.

Please send us any other focus tips you can think of!  Or share a story with us! Or just write us to say hi! We’d love to hear your voice and get to know you.  Email us at [email protected]