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Workbook Sample

Would you like to see a little sample form the Ego-less System Prep Workbook? 

Here is an excerpt from “Step 4 -Success Tricks


Okay. You’ve heard the word mentioned enough already in your Ego-Less Prep Workbook — the absolute holy grail of your ego-less success is energy.

Everything is made up of energy. The more energy we have the more alive we are and the more powerful we become in our own lives and in the lives of others.

Cultivating as much energy as possible everyday is your secret recipe to über success.  This means treating yourself like a transformer that attracts and conducts energy.  Your focus should be to collect as much energy as possible, cultivate as much energy as possible, and conserve as much energy as possible.  Generate long-term energetic reservoirs and give yourself the cutting edge exuberance that you need for grade A performance!

There are many energetic degrees that you need to consider and take advantage of:

Diet of course is a huge one. Grazing and eating light, smaller meals with few starchy carbs, high protein content, high alkaline and mostly raw is your premium fuel. And of course processed food and food with little or no nutritional content (i.e. junk food) is sugar in your gas tank — it will make you grind to a halt.

Heavy foods will weigh you down and slow your energy current. Unhealthy foods clog the flow of your energy, mess with your metabolism, make your blood/sugar ratios wonky (leaving you tired and cranky), and, of course, tease your addiction-prone ego, to boot.

Also pay attention to the ethical value of the food you intake. This is so much more important than people realize.  If you consume foods where animals were suffering in fear along the assembly line, you can be sure that you are ingesting a boatload of additional stress hormones and contaminated energy. You will also learn more about diet and mindful eating during the Ego-Less Living section.

Exercise. Duh! There is no better way to electrify your inner circuits than to get your body moving and your blood pumping. Whenever you feel lethargic and “blah,” a bit of exercise is most certainly in order.  Any type of exercise will do: walking, cardio, dancing, running up and down your stairs ten times. You name it.  As you get your innards moving, you warm up your energy systems and transform gravity into electricity.

Plus, exercise has also been proven to increase productivity for up to twelve hours. Another win-win!

In fact, most people that do the Ego-Less system naturally become the fittest they’ve ever been before. Not just because they become more self-disciplined, but because they are inspired to maximize their energy to maintain their ego-less self.  When we eat well and live an active lifestyle because we want to optimize our energy. Instead of eating well and being active to serve the superficial reasons of our ego-mind, all of a sudden we get it right when we are living ego-lessly.  It’s not a diet.  It’s a way of life.  Health and fitness aren’t the specific goals; they are just wonderful tools that can help us reach and sustain our ego-less goals!

Get Your Sleep In. This one goes without saying.  Obviously our minds are brutally affected by our sleeping patterns.  When we are tired we become fuzzy and distant from our best self.  Sleep deprivation runs us down into the ground and disorientates our priorities.  Our discipline gets shaky, and we tend to loosen the reins on our commitments.  Do your best to avoid late nights. Especially unproductive couch potato nights: those nights not only sabotage our sleeping patterns but also take our energy level down ten notches and our egos up twenty.

Try not to eat several hours before bed, and avoid large meals at night so your digestive system doesn’t end up burning up all your precious energetic resources while you’re sleeping.

Ideally, you want to shut off bright lights and electronics two hours before bed so that your brain can release melatonin and you can get the proper rest you need and deserve. If you consider yourself an insomniac, you will be happy to know that the Ego-Less System has helped countless people get off of sleeping pills and become much better sleepers!

Also, in the morning, be sure to let natural sunlight be a part of your morning routine.  This ensures that you keep your biological clock balanced with nature and get that subtle and very necessary morning serotonin boost.

Clear Pee.  Yes, you probably know this one already.  You want clear pee.  When your urine is clear you know that your body is properly hydrated. One of the major causes of 3pm tiredness is dehydration. Our bodies are 70% water, and when we are drying up inside everything in our bodies moves slower and less efficiently. This means our hormones are negatively affected and our metabolism wanes.  Our organs and tissues get sticky and sluggish. And our brain function gets sloppy, many people get headaches, and our productivity flow gets aimless.

Overall hydration is a super easy fix.  The array of negative issues that stem from dehydration are very avoidable. Next time you are really tired pound a few large glasses of water and see how hydration can snap you out of your funk within twenty minutes or so. It’s like magic!

Surround your living areas with glasses of water.  Remember, we humans are suckers for convenience, so leave the Pepsi in the garage and give yourself unlimited access to H2O!

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August 11, 2016

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