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What are people saying about the Ego-less System?

KathrynI recently purchased the Ego-Less System from Dr. Karen Litinsky, the creator of Ego-Less.
I had heard that mediation could help to remedy an overactive mind such as mine so I thought I would give it a try and I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity and effectiveness of the program! I am definitely more aware of my thoughts and their impact on me. I liked that I could do the exercises whenever it was convenient for me and from the comfort of my own home. I also appreciate that I have lifetime access to the program should I ever want to re-visit some of the exercises.

Thank you Ego-Less!
Kathryn McKenzie B.H.Kin, B.Ed (Owner & Head Trainer of Surefire Fitness and Author of Throw Your Scale Away)


sherry sobey“The Ego-Less system helped me to become aware of the constant chatter going on in my head and with practice, to start being able to quiet the “noise” and allow the other “whispering” areas to be heard.  I believe, in doing this practice, we can really get to know our authentic selves, and live a more enriched life.” — Sherry Sobey Owner/Operator of Generation Green

KellyI highly recommend the Ego-Less System (ego-less.me) for anyone looking to take control of their life. The voices in your head are what paralyze you, lie to you and prevent you from moving forward in your life and career. I have been a health coach for more than 9 years and haven’t seen anything better… Ego-Less combines all the necessary steps to breaking free of those inner voices… Even if you think you have tamed your ego, think again, and refresh your mind with the Ego-Less System. Your future will thank you.” — Kelly Jo Drejfald, NYC (Fitness/Nutrition Coach, owner of KJFIT)

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