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WHAT is Ego-less System?

The Ego-Less System is an online course designed and presented by Dr. Karen Litinsky Mpsy.D.

With years of experience and research the Ego-Less System was initially born to help Karen’s students and clients surpass the limitations of ego-mind by transforming their thoughts, feelings and perspectives.  Now the Ego-Less System has evolved to a step-by-step online program that anyone can follow and utilize to significantly change their life!

What is this “Ego” stuff all about? Did you know that YOU have an ego? Everyone has an ego. The ego is simply your “thinker”. It’s the ongoing chatter inside of your head that overloads your mind with thoughts – many of which unnecessarily clutter your brain and cloud your vision of life…not to mention cause mental stress! If you THINK…. you have an ego. If you can’t STOP thinking…your ego has you (and welcome to the ego-epidemic of our time) Finding out that you have an ego is the GREAT NEWS! This means that you are not the chronic chit-chat of your mind. As you begin to identify your ego with the Ego-Less System you can begin to unidentify with your ego – and this changes your entire life experience! You no longer have to see life behind the fog of your thoughts.

How does it work?

The Ego-less System will help you shed the weight of your ego with a variety of simple yet profound Ego-Less exercises, self discovery, meditations, workshops, audio and video sessions.

Upon registering for the Ego-Less System you receive lifetime access to the program as well as new material as the System continues to evolve.  No additional fees.  No monthly payments.

When you register for the Ego-Less System you will immediately receive your online: 7 Day EGOTOX, Your Ego & Your Past 5 Day Element, Your Ego & Your Relationships 5 Day Element, Your Ego & Your Happiness 5 Day Element, Ego-Less Living Program.  PLUS OUR LATEST BONUS: Ego-Less Prep Work Book!

We are sincerely committed to your ego-less movement:)

Who is Karen Litinsky Mpsy.D?

Karen_Thumb_188x157After over 15 years of teaching horseback riding lessons to CFS students, facilitating youth school groups, organizing riding for the disabled and helping change peoples lives through the confidence-building Colt Training Program and Wrangler Camp she developed and instructed – Karen began to explore the deeper levels of human psyche and achieved her doctoral degree of  Metaphysical Psychology in 2008.

During the time of her studies she opened up her first business in 2006 called Paradise of Reality, where she taught wellness related workshops, classes and seminars in Winnipeg.

Paradise of Reality has now evolved into booming wellness centre in Saint Boniface that offers metaphysical counselling, massage therapy, meditation classes, alternative bodywork and group workshops.  Aside from being the passionate owner/operator of Paradise of Reality, In 2012 Karen began the creation of what is now the internationally recognized Ego-Less System.  The Ego-Less System is an online personal development program that has helped many people transform their life by renovating their mind – from members weaning themselves off sleeping pills, members loosing 40 pounds, to members organically overcoming anxiety disorders and toxic negative thinking patterns by following the System.   The Ego-Less System now has users from all over North America.

Since the launch, Karen has been nominating and interviewing local Winnipegers that have deservingly achieved an Ego-Less award for bettering our community.  Karen is not only an incredibly inspired entrepreneur, she is also an extremely passionate advocate for animal welfare, an environmentalist and facilitator for mental wellbeing. As a former Meals on Wheels volunteer for her community to her recent volunteer focus as a coach and sounding board for other local entrepreneurs, Karen has a genuine desire to help those in need and motivate anyone with a dream. In 2010 Karen was the co-founder of Soul Success, a women’s networking group “networking for good” and together with her team raised enough funds to send several children to the neurological rehabilitation camp at the Movement Centre.

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